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Lotfi Sidirahal, founder of Atelier Pod, identifies himself as an author of identities. He belongs to an exclusive elite of designers often called upon to design luxury branded hotels and resorts across the globe.

The French Moroccan architect graduated from the “Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture” in Paris, had been accustomed to early recognition in the design world. At the young age of 22, his foremost research and prototypes were displayed in renowned art centers and exhibitions worldwide, and featured in a number of influential publications.

His innovative approach challenging the field’s many limitations, and his profound understanding of the luxury brands universe, allowed him to become one of the most reputable contemporary Designers in international hospitality.

He is today sought after by prestigious operators such as Accor, Four Seasons, Radisson, Anantara and Fairmont, to each of which he insures signature works in accordance with their brand image, surrounding culture, and an everlasting guest experience.

In 2015, he was awarded two prizes in architecture and Interior Design at the Milan « A design Awards » the world’s largest annual juried design competition and in 2017 he received at Unesco in Paris the Versailles Prize for best hotel in Africa and West Asia.



A roof in motion.

The term « cinema » is the apocope of « cinematographer » (from the Greek κίνημα / kínēma, « movement » and γράφειν / gráphein, « write »), while the term emotion (from ancient French, to the thirteenth century « motion ») comes from the Latin root emovere « set in motion ».

The world is on the move. From the smallest proton to the entire solar system. Curiously, the transformation of abstract concepts and human societies is no match for this impulse.  The movement is omnipresent and with emotion, they seem to govern life, and to a large extent the creative universe of the architect Lotfi Sidirahal.

His vision is cinematographic, assembling the roots of cinema (Movement) and tecture (Roofing), literally: the roof in motion.

A vision combining singularity and discontinuity, its critical position calls into question not only forms and materials, but also the movement of the body and its evolution in space. This intellectual understanding of space, which contrasts with the formal or functional static approach, is not new, and has been reflected in all his projects since the late 1990s, when he created the Nomambule, a portable cover that is displayed in museums all over the world and makes him an international reference in architectural Nomadism.

From French surrealists to American fantasy directors and Viennese music composers, Lotfi Sidirahal’s sources of inspiration are rarely of the architecture and design order, which gives him the singularity of a narrative approach in all his creations. When a designer creates an object, Lotfi creates a story. Where an architect stylizes the space, he makes vibration in staging where after having installed the user in comfort, he strives to surprise him. Repetition and contrast as well as a succession of climaxes define his projects.

In this narrative approach, the created object only exists through its perception. The eyes in their globe move as much as a human body in space, so perception is always in motion. The conception of space becomes a sequencing, sequences of emotions linked by movement. It should also be noted here that movement is not only in the transition between sequences/spaces, but also in the way each sequence/space itself/itself is perceived. Claude Parent and Paul Virilo in the architecture principle manifesto « Man must be constantly concerned, participate in an action, a show […] » we will add here, a story: Man must be constantly concerned, participate in an action, a show, a story.